2018 Iggy 500 Schedule of Events

The Iggies are lining up...

... for The 17th Annual
Iggy 500!!!!


There are plenty of fun activities planned! Check below for all the details!

- 10:00 am: Check-in and social hour. Come on in, pick a place to set up your chair, and get to know each other! While you're at it, browse around and check out all the auction items, get your raffle tickets, and visit the vendors' tables!

- 11:00 am to 2:00 pm: Lunch - Food will be available for a reasonable price. Soft drinks, water, and popcorn will be available all day. While food is being served, owners are asked to ensure that their dogs practice their manners, and that they don't bother the food vendors or people while they are eating.

- 11:00 am: First Raffle.

- 11:30 am: Barbie Dog Contest!! Put on your best spring outfits or show off your Indy 500 Pride. A panel of judges will determine the winner and a prize will be awarded for first, second and third places. Originality and owner look-alikes are given strong consideration. Prizes will be given to the winners. We have had quite a turn out with some really jazzy outfits.

- 12:00 pm: Games will include Crooning Canines (Howling Contest), Happy Tails; Best Buns; Tiny Hiney, and a brand new game - "Modeling School." Volunteers are needed for the games to be successful, so please sign up with Kim Bunger at this website.

- 12:00 pm: Second Raffle.

- 12:45 pm: Parade of Fosters - All of the available fosters will be in the "parade" ring so you can fall in love with them and maybe decide you need another Iggy in your life... :)

- 1:00 pm: Third Raffle.

- 1:15 pm: 50 / 50 Raffle

- 1:30 pm: Auction. We can't wait to see what all will show up on the auction table this year! We will have a professional auctioneer to help keep things moving, and will have fewer items in order to be able to finish at a reasonable time. That means there will be LOTS more items on the raffle tables!

- 1:30 pm: Registration Table closes.

- 2:45 pm: Silent Auction.

- 3:30 pm: Pooh Patrol Winner announced.

- 4:00 pm: Clean-Up party.

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