2020 IGtoberfest Vendor -
Handmade Hazen - Russell Anthony

Handmade Hazen

Handmade Hazen / Russell Anthony - Handmade Hazen is an IG-focused boutique maker of fleece and cotton products. The main product is Hazen's favorite, the Dog Pockets. Hazen is shown below modeling some of his favorite pockets. All items are handmade in the USA. Although the business is no longer active, Russell has generously donated his remaining inventory for our event.

To order, e-mail Russell at rhanthony@dashin.net with your order and provide him the details. Price per pocket is $50.00, reduced from original price of $65.00. Proceeds will go to Italian Greyhound Rescue.

Hazen 1


Hand-Crafted Dog Pockets / The design was strenuously tested by Hazen himself.

Price is $50.00

Hazen 2 Hazen 3 Hazen 4

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