NOTES: PRE-REGISTRATION VIA SNAIL-MAIL MUST BE RECEIVED BY JULY 31, 2019. YOU CAN ALSO REGISTER/PAY VIA PAYPAL. REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT VIA SNAIL-MAIL: Make checks out to: Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation. Please print and mail this registration form, along with your check, to Ruth Beall at the following address. Ruth Beall 1706 Reed Road Fort Wayne, IN 46815 Phone (260) 452-5275 e-mail Name: __________________________________________________________________ E-mail ID: _____________________________________________________________ Phone Number: _________________________ # of People Attending: __________ # of non-foster Dogs Attending: ___________ (PLEASE NOTE: other breeds by permission only.) # non-Iggies? ___________ If non-Iggies, what breed(s)?__________________________________ Are any of the dogs fosters? __________ If so, how many? ___________ Total enclosed ($7 per dog, except for fosters)... Total Number of Paid Dogs __________ x $7.00 each = $ ___________ *************************************************************************** Can you work a 30-minute shift at the gate?_________________ (If 'yes,' we'll contact you separately to work out the schedule.) Would you be willing to help with games? _________ (If 'yes,' we'll contact you separately to work out the schedule.)
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