If you would like to help Italian Greyhound Rescue and don't want to buy anything or don't see anything you'd like to buy, please consider making a donation to help defray the cost of veterinary expenses for the dogs.


To make a monetary donation, you can either send a donation using the Friends and Family feature in PayPal to indianaigrescue@comcast.net, or e-mail Ruth Beall at rhbeall@hotmail.com for an address to send a check or money order.


Scroll down for details about the 2020 IGtoberfest...

King Contest
(updated: 10/01/2020 )
Queen Contest
(updated: 10/01/2020 )
Best Singer Contest
(updated: 10/01/2020 )
Fast Dog Contest
(updated: 10/01/2020 )
Costume Contest
(updated: 10/01/2020)
Vendor - Handmade Hazen
(updated: 10/08/2020)
Vendor - Cari Becker
(updated: 10/01/2020)
Vendor - Dennis Dan
(updated: 10/06/2020)
Vendor - Sassy Sisters
(updated: 09/30/2020)
Vendor - Lemmy Jemmies
(updated: 10/01/2020)
Vendor - Indiana IG Rescue
(updated: soon)
(updated: soon)
(updated: 10/08/2020)
(updated: 10/08/2020)

Check back soon for updated information!

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Italian Greyhound Rescue Contact:
Kim Bunger

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